Learning Activities

A link to more detail on each learning activity can be found here.

  • Google Hangouts (see the schedule page)
  • Online Discussions → in D2L - each student and teacher will be given an account
  • Handshake → students create and post a 30 second video or media introduction of themselves
  • Community Mapping → classes submit a description, images and/or video of their community and we will embed it all on a Google Map to create a visual of our communities 
  • Collaborative Annotation → classes annotating articles collaboratively 
  • Goodreads Group  digital book club for students reading books connected to the reconciliation and/or starting over theme
  • Lib Dub → classes will submit video of their classes lip synching to a song around the theme of empowering youth and we will create a mash or video collage of us all lip synching the song
  • Crafting our Vision of Reconciliation → classes and students may choose to build things in Minecraft, or create other things to represent their vision of reconciliation 
Some other alternatives students and teachers may want to consider include crafting;

  • artwork that represents their vision
  • songs that represent their vision
  • written works representing their vision
  • 3D design representation
  • dramatic representations
  • dance representation
  • any other representations
  • Exit Ticket → students will post an image and audio of themselves explaining how what they built (in or out of Minecraft) represents their vision of reconciliation

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